Jamie-leigh Hann : Head Coach

Jamie-leigh Hann

Head Coach

Jamie started coaching at the age of 14 at South Essex Gymnastics Club, where she is now a head coach. She has taught recreational classes at primary schools for over a decade. Jamie has two children and is married to British gymnastics coach Scott Hann MBE.

Reiss Beckford : Coach

Reiss Beckford


Reiss is a triple Commonwealth silver medalist and hopes to become Jamaica’s first men’s Olympic gymnast at the Tokyo 2020 Games. He started coaching in 2013 and is now assistant head of the woman’s programme at South Essex Gymnastics Club.

Jade Holgarth : Coach

Jade Holgarth


Jade started in the performing arts industry at a young age and focussed on dance featuring elements of gymnastics. She had performed at live shows in London and now also works as a coach at the successful South Essex Gymnastics Club in Basildon.

Laura Rose : Coach

Laura Rose


Laura trained as a gymnast at South Essex Gymnastics Club for 11 years and progressed to competed regionally and at national level. She started coaching when she was 14-years-old, and has also overseen recreational sessions at primary schools and worked at a dance school.

Kelly Reeves : Coach

Kelly Reeves


Kelly competed as a gymnast before taking up coaching at 17. After university, she worked in childcare and special educational needs. Kelly is now a mum of two and has returned to the sport she loves as a specialist in pre-school and recreational gymnastics at Level 1.

Emma Rapley : Coach

Emma Rapley


Emma was in the British junior squad and competed internationally. She has coached for over a decade at South Essex Gymnastics Club, where she is assistant head of pre-school, and coach to regional level gymnasts. Emma has also run recreational sessions at primary schools.

Cara Noble : Coach

Cara Noble


Cara started gymnastics as a toddler at Havering Gymnastics Club and went on to coach there until she was 18 years-old. She is now also Head of Club Development and Events Manager at the successful South Essex Gymnastics Club in Basildon, which she joined in 2012.

Kasey Notton : Coach

Kasey Notton


Kasey started gymnastics at South Essex Gymnastics Club when she was just two years old. At 14 she started volunteering to help take sessions and began her coaching career. Kasey has taught recreational gymnastics in primary schools and at a summer camp in America.

Becky Moss : Coach

Becky Moss


Becky began her coaching career by volunteering at South Essex Gymnastics Club in 2010. She has taken pre-school and recreational classes, and overseen six-hour sessions for women’s groups. Becky is a friendly and bubbly character with a degree in Sports Studies.