4-5pm: 4-8 year-olds

5-6pm: 4-10 year-olds

5-7pm: Advanced Class

6-7pm: 8-13 year-olds

9-10am: 2-10 year-olds

10-11am: 4-10 year-olds

11am-12pm: 4-12 year-olds

11am-1pm Advanced Class

12-1pm: 7-13 year-olds

The club’s one-hour recreational classes for Artistic gymnastics put an emphasis on enjoyment and learning.

Working with an experienced team of coaches, children will develop fitness, flexibility and confidence as they progress along the British Gymnastics Awards Scheme.

It is always advisable to provide a drink for your child to bring and tie any long hair safely out of the way. We also ask they wear suitable clothing for gymnastics and have no jewellery on during the sessions.